What Is A Gantry Crane

A Gantry crane is also called goliath crane, a kind of lifting equipment, widely used for loading and unloading material in station, wharf, warehouse yard, construction site, field of cement products, assembly field, hydropower station etc. Different types of cranes adapt to working conditions, for example, small gantry crane is suitable for light duty work, and heavy lift crane is best choice for heavy duty work. For frequent lifting work with long distance, it is available to buy rail mounted gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane, flexible gantry, portable gantry, rolling gantry crane, travelling gantry crane or mobile gantry crane. For stable loading duty, fixed gantry crane is reliable! Ellsen Company, a famous gantry cranes manufacturer, produces best quality lifting gantries!

Gantry Crane Structure
Gantry Crane Structure

What’s gantry crane system?

Gantry crane system is composed of trolley travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism and the crane travelling mechanism, operation cabin. In fact, gantry crane system is related to gantry crane design. Ellsen types of cranes are very popular in lifting industry, because Ellsen designs goliath cranes with very simple structure, which makes it easy to operate, fast to install and safe to use.

Gantry crane parts

According to national crane design specifications and related standards, gantry crane model mainly include gantry crane trolley, gantry crane wheels, buffer, block brake, wire rope/chain, lifting hook, operation cabin, reducer, casting pulley, casting drum, electric motor, electric control device. Before purchasing crane, get more details about gantry crane plans and gantry crane specification, which makes you a clear understanding and better choice.

How to make a gantry crane installation easy?

Gantry crane installation is very important! Correct installation steps can ensure the crane work well and protect operator safety. So it is beneficial to know how to install crane easily.

First, choose a gantry crane with simple structure, just like Ellsen gantry crane. Simple gantry crane structure can reduce many troubles and improve working efficiency. What’s more, simple gantry crane system makes it convenient to maintain.

Second, take advantage of the internet. Much information about crane installing steps is shown on the internet, the PDF, text, or video of YouTube. Have a good look and learn the knowledge with patient.

Third, ask for help from professional person. This is more direct and practical way to learn installations. Adopting the useful suggestion to action, practice makes perfect!

Differences between gantry crane and overhead crane

Gantry crane and overhead crane are both lifting equipment. They are widely used for saving labor resource, raising working efficiency and improving work environment. But different work condition and class need different types of cranes. The main girder of bridge crane is direct put on the rail, while the main girder of gantry crane is put on the supporting legs. What’s more, mostly bridge cranes are used indoor, gantry cranes can be used indoor and outdoor.

What exactly is a gantry crane?

If your business involves lifting and transporting heavy materials, then you probably have an idea what a gantry crane is. However, there is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic, especially consider the several different types of cranes available on the market. It is important to understand how these cranes differ from one another and what exactly they do in order to select which one will bring the most benefits to your business. In this article, you will discover what a gantry crane actually is and whether it is the right option for you.

Understanding the gantry crane

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a gantry crane is the same thing as an overhead crane. A better way to look at it is that a gantry crane is a type of overhead crane. Some gantry cranes are fixed in a location, meaning the supporting structure is attached to the floor or walls of the facility. Other types of gantry cranes are portable and these are particularly common in smaller work stations and places that require infrequent lifts. The support frame is where the crane moves forward, back, left and right. The operating area of the crane refers to anything that it can reach.

Gantry cranes are extremely common in factories, especially those where large objects must be moved around constantly. A good example is building a huge piece of equipment made from metal. The metal parts are delivered on a truck. The truck must be parked within the gantry crane’s operating area. The crane then performs its job lifting the heavy loads and putting them to the desired location, which is typically somewhere in the assembly line.

Since these cranes are used to lift and transport extremely large and heavy items, it must be operated by a qualified professional. Special training is required to enable the operator to control the crane properly. It is important to note that there are different lifting techniques involved, and using the right one ensures the safety of the workers in the facility as well as the loads being carried. In some states, the operators need to obtain an operating license before they can legally use gantry cranes.

Choosing the right gantry crane

If you are thinking about buying a gantry crane, then you should pay careful attention to its specifications. Determine how much load the crane can carry. Its size and span are also two essential factors to consider to ensure that they fit just right in your work station. You must also decide whether you are better off with a fixed gantry crane or a portable one. In most cases, the former is better suited for long-term applications.

Now that you know more about gantry cranes, it is time to decide whether this particular crane is the right one for your business. Spend some time researching about the different types of gantry cranes and also get recommendations from the manufacturer. By taking these essential steps, you can guarantee that you are making the right decision and your money is going toward a great investment.

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