Straddle Carrier Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane

Straddle carrier rubber tyre gantry crane has wide application in construction site, factory, port, mine, freight-yards, warehouse and so on. It has following control methods, remote control, press button control and cabin control. All these control ways are available, customers can choose the most suitable control method to increase efficiency.

With stable performance, high efficiency and easy maintenance, rubber tyred straddle carrier is applied to international standards container transporting, loading and unloading at the container yard and railway container depots. What’s more, this kind of gantry crane has proper safety instructions, such as overload protection devices to maximize the accident rate, and ensure the safety of operator and crane device. Electrical system adopts PLC frequency adjustment which can easily control every mechanism.

The design of rubber tire straddle carrier

Rubber tire straddle carrier is mainly composed of long traveling mechanism, gantry frame, hoisting mechanism, cross traveling mechanism, trolley of lifting beam, hydraulic mechanism, electrical system, etc. The compact structure makes the crane easy installation, simple check-work and reliable performance.

The crane has strong adaptation, it is used for lifting, transporting, moving of the precast beam, steel beam and mold. The wheel traveling type is designed as straight traveling, skew traveling, cross traveling and situ rotary. If the crane is steering at heavy load, the supporting cylinder can support the ground and reduce the rubber tire’s pressure. This can make sure the whole crane stable move and flexible traveling. The hoisting system is designed to realize 4 lifting points and 3 balance points. This great design can make the crane lift material stably and safely. The crane integrated the mech-electro-hydro into a whole system, thus the whole frame is simple and compact.

Compared with common rail mounted bridge girder gantry crane, rubber tyre straddle carrier gantry crane has compatibility, higher flexibility, higher working efficiency and takes up smaller area in bridge girder yard. At the same time, it can save the traveling rails. Such humanized design wins many customers trust, and they purchase functional rubber tired straddle carrier crane for lifting and transporting work.

Factory Price Straddle Carrier Crane For Sale

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What is the price of rubber tyre straddle carrier gantry crane?

Rubber tyre straddle carrier is kind of heavy duty lifting crane. It has high price than that of small gantry crane. But now, the policy and market provides benefits for the customers. And customers can purchase reliable straddle carrier gantry crane with more suitable price.

China is implementing the great project of “One Belt and One Road” and established the ‘Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”. Infrastructure construction is the main part of this great project, such as highway, railway, high-speed rail, metro-subway railway, crossing bridge. The heavy lifting equipment, like rubber tire straddle gantry crane has enormous demands. Country encourages the international business, especially such industrial lifting devices. China provides economy and policy support for the industrial device business.

Ellsen Group, a professional crane manufacturer in China, produces reliable straddle carrier gantry cranes for sale. Ellsen has own factory and sales cranes with affordable price. Because customers can talk about the price with manufacturers directly, and few medium -factory, Ellsen straddle carrier price is much more suitable and affordable. Ellsen straddle carrier crane is cost-effective.

In addition, Ellsen provides customized service for customers. This can ensure every customer gets the suitable lifting crane for work. Ellsen designs the crane based on practical needs and specific requirements, such as lifting span, lifting tons, lifting height, traveling speed. In usual, the heavier tons the crane lifts, the higher price of the crane is.

How to choose reliable straddle carrier manufacturers?

Reliable straddle carrier manufacturer has strict control of crane design, producing process, quality, safety, package and delivery. All details about gantry crane are important. These details are related to the crane performance, long service term and working efficiency.

Reliable gantry crane manufacturer always thinks of the customers benefits, and sales straddle carrier with reasonable price. The price can matches with the quality. What’s more, the after-sale service is also meticulous.

Ellsen Straddle Carrier Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane

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What is the process of the bridge girder launching?

First, at bridge girder making yard, girder lift gantry crane takes the bridge girder to rubber tyre straddle carrier. Straddle carrier transports the bridge girder from girder yard to the girder lifting station.

Second, at bridge girder lifting station, girder lifting gantry crane is lifting the bridge girder and girder transporter from ground rubber tired transporter to viaduct bridge top.

Third, on the viaduct bridge for launching, bridge girder transporter transports the bridge girder to bridge beam launching gantry crane for girder-feeding.

Rubber Tyred Straddle Carrier Ellsen Gantry Crane

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Why is straddle carrier training necessary for operator?

Straddle carrier training is basic requirement for the operator. All crane operator must get professional training and operating license. This is basic guarantee for crane safety and operator safety.

In order to extensive prior experience with more professional skills, straddle carrier operators should commonly complete an operate certificate. Through studying and practicing operation rules, operator has profound and overall understanding for crane system, crane parts, crane safety and crane accident damage.

If every operator can operate the crane according to the rules, many accidents or damage can avoid and accident rate reduce. This can protect the crane device from damage and prolong the service life, and keep the operator from accident caused by improper operation.

Straddle Carrier Lifting Crane High Quality

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How to ensure safety of straddle carrier rubber tyre gantry crane?

Crane safety is great factor for customer purchase. High safety can protect heavy duty gantry crane and operator from damage, ensure good performance and high efficiency.

First, the operator always obeys the operating rules. This is the basic and the most important rule. If the operator violates the principles, the crane device has more damage and reduces long service term.

Second, the crane is equipped with complete safety protection device. Thus it is wise to choose a professional and reliable crane manufacturer. Reliable crane supplier always put customers profits and crane quality on the first place.

Third, develop a good habit of daily check-work. Before using straddle carrier rubber tyre gantry crane, take a whole check for the system. This can help operator find the problems earlier and avoid accident. After using straddle carrier rubber tyre gantry crane, still take a overhaul check for the crane, for any problems, repair the crane or replace the damaged part in time.

Specification of straddle carrier rubber tyre gantry crane

Straddle Carrier Crane Parameters

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