Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For Sale

Rubber tyred gantry cane, also called rtg crane (rubber tyred container gantry crane), is a type of gantry lifting equipment. Rubber tired gantry crane is composed of main girder, rigid legs and flexible legs, travelling trolley, lifting mechanism, travelling mechanism, electric system, and operation cabin. According to cantilever, it can be divided into three types, no cantilever type, single cantilever type, and double cantilever type. Rubber tyre gantry crane is widely used for lifting and transporting material in station, wharf, open warehouse yard, construction site, hydropower station, assembly field. AIMIX Group, one of best rubber tyred gantry crane manufacturer, supplies types of cranes with reliable quality and affordable price.

AQ-RTG Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
AQ-RTG Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
Working Class: A4, A5
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃

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What’s structure of rubber tired gantry cranes?

Common rubber tyred gantry crane usually adopts box type as the steel structure. To reduce whole weight, truss structure is available, but the cost is higher.

According to different supporting ways of legs, the whole structure mainly adopts n shape and u shape. For n shape, its rigidity and flexible legs are n shape. The cross rigidity of two main girders and strength of crane are achieved through the rigidity of cross girder between legs. For u shape, it is achieved through the rigidity of lower girder between legs.

The lifting mechanism adopts wire rope drum or telescopic frame type, thus the trolley often adopts the structure that combines box girder and plate girder. Travelling trolley structure is related to the organization of lifting mechanism and trolley travelling mechanism, it can ensure the mechanism work well and bear the loading. Operation cabin, electric control cabinet, stabilized, festoon cable are all connected to trolley structure.

Auxiliary structure includes escalators, walkways, maintenance platform.

Advantages of rubber tired gantry crane

First, gantry crane with shield (DMC for short) is mainly used for installation of cutter and shield of shield machine, which is underground trenchless device, and used for lifting of duct piece supporting tunnel during work progress.

Second, professional spreader with 360° rotation is fit for installation of cutter from different angles.

Third, double trolley mechanism is applied for lifting cutter by tandem operation or lifting duct piece by separate operation.

Fourth, exposed gear drive is applied for lifting mechanism to save cost.

How to save rubber tyred gantry crane price?

Rubber tyred is kind of heavy duty gantry crane. Usually, it cost more than small gantry crane, but some skills can help save gantry crane cost.

First, learn more information about rubber tyred gantry crane specification, it can help you notice more details about the product, such as the gantry wheels, gantry trolley, gantry beam, crane controls, crane hook, crane remote and so on.

Second, take advantage of the internet, internet shows many gantry crane suppliers and cranes manufacturers, make careful comparison, it can help more specific difference and choose the most cost-effective rubber tyred gantry crane.

Third, visit the crane factory by yourself and take an overall look. This may be the most direct and effective way to learn the crane product.

Rubber tired gantry crane for sale

1. Famous brand, professional manufacturer
2. Advanced technology, reliable quality
3. Perfect performance, wide application
4. Safety protection device, low failure rate
5. Stable travelling, flexible moving, low noise
6. Durable material, long service life
7. Easy to operate, fast to install, simple to maintain
8. Good after-service, affordable price