Ellsen Rail Mounted Gantry Crane For Sale

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane For Sale

Rail mounted gantry crane is kind of flexible and mobile gantry crane. It can travels on the rail through wheels, which can enlarge the working area and improve working efficiency. Ellsen Company, a famous gantry crane manufacturer, supplies best quality gantry cranes for sale, such as cantilever gantry crane, girder cranes, rubber tyred gantry crane, mobile gantry crane, industrial crane, travelling gantry crane, electric gantry crane, small gantry crane, heavy duty gantry crane, customers can choose the most suitable gantry lifting equipment. All these lifting gantries have security protection devices and long term service life.

Ellsen Rail Mounted Gantry Crane For Sale
Ellsen Rail Mounted Gantry Crane For Sale
Working Class: A4, A5
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃

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Wide application of rail mounted gantry crane

Ellsen designs rail mounted gantry cranes according to national crane design specifications and related standards. Thus Ellsen rail gantry crane has simple structure and is very easy to operate. Ellsen produces gantry crane rails with durable material. The gantry cane rail can endure large pressure. Ellsen rail gantry crane is widely used for lifting, loading and unloading material in construction site, hydropower station, open storage yard, assembly field, industrial and mining enterprises, rail engineering etc. With reliable performance and reasonable structure, rail crane is very popular in industry field.

Why choose Ellsen rail cranes?

Ellsen supplies top quality rail mounted gantry crane with factory price. It is a better choice for lifting duty work. Because it has advantages to meet different working condition.

Rail mounted crane has low lifting speed and high crane travelling speed. The lifting height is not so high, thus the lifting speed is relative low. The crane mechanism travels along the rail for longer distance. To improve producing efficiency, the crane travels at high speed.

The trolley travelling speed is determined by the span and cantilever. The span and cantilever are short, the trolley travelling speed and efficiency can be slow; the span and cantilever are long, the trolley travelling speed can be increased to improve working efficiency.

When the span is more than 40m, the crane travels fast, the legs of two sides will offset due to different travelling resistance, thus it is necessary to set synchronous device. Through electric control, it can keep the same speed of two sides of travelling mechanism.

Ellsen provides customized service, all rail mounted gantry cranes can be produced with various span, height and loading capacity, such as 5 ton gantry crane, 20 ton gantry crane, 30 ton gantry crane etc.

How does anti-collision devices of rail gantry work?

More than one gantry crane travel on the rail at the same time, it is difficult for one operator to observe other cranes as well as loading and unloading material. Thus, two gantry cranes travel nearly, it is necessary to remind the operator or directly control the travelling mechanism through sound and light alarm device. It can stop automatically before approaching danger so as to avoid collision accident.

It is necessary to adopt non-contact position sensor (CIPOS) to monitor the space. CIPOS has many types, such as inductance type, capacitive type, ultrasonic type, photoelectric type. And later two types can measure the space and direction.

Why you might need to invest in a rail mounted gantry crane

There is a particular type of crane that is used on a bridge like structure that has a platform, used for lifting enormous objects. This is called a gantry crane, and there is a movable framework up above were the actual hoist can be maneuvered. When you go to a shipyard, skyscraper construction site, or many other industrial jobs, you will see that these are always in use. They make it very simple for the operator to move materials from one location to the other using remote controls built into the system. A rail mounted gantry crane is something that you should consider using if you are going to be moving a substantial amount of merchandise or material.

What is a rail mounted gantry crane?

These are just like a regular gantry crane with the exception that it has for supporting beams and two rails on the top. The reason for the construction is that it’s able to lift far more weight than a traditional gantry crane. You will see these at railroad yards, shipyards, and they can be well over 100 feet high. They are designed for heavy lifting where containers are lifted to and from ships, trucks, and other locations on a facility.

Why are these beneficial to use?

First of all, these are mounted on a rail system up above where trust style crane rails are installed. There are heavy-duty end trucks which make it easy for the cargo to move from one location to the other. They are designed with heavy duty steel support posts that can maintain a substantial amount of weight, especially if they are positioned properly. The top running bridge rail trust has a much higher capacity to lift weight than a standard gantry crane, all part of its construction. If you happen to be moving containers from trucks and ships, perhaps hundreds every day, this is the perfect type of gantry crane use because of its construction and stability, increasing safety as well.

Ordering one and having it delivered

As you can imagine, this takes a significant amount of effort and expertise on the part of those that sell and install them. They are usually delivered on boats if they are coming from overseas. They must be installed by people that understand how to properly construct them. Once done, they will be tested extensively to check for stability, flaws in the design, and also look at the metal that is used. All of this is done prior to using it for the actual business, and they will also check the automatic cable reels and pivoting mounts. Once everything is fully functional, and you start to use this high-tech gantry crane, you will see how beneficial it is to own one for your company.

The time that it takes to order and deliver all of the materials for this gantry crane could be several weeks, and then several more to have it properly set up. A rail mounted gantry crane may be the best thing that you ever add to your site to improve production and safety, but it will cost significantly more than a traditional gantry crane because of all of the additional materials that must be used in its construction.

How to prolong the service life of rail mounted gantry crane

One of the more efficient types of gantry cranes that was created specifically to move products on a rail yard or port from one end to the other is called a rail mounted gantry crane. They are constructed of steel frames that involve for beams, plus runway beams that will have rails upon which the bridge girders can move along back and forth. Once at its destination, it can be further repositioned using the trolley that is attached to the hoist itself. Once it is unloaded, it can rapidly be sent back to the other and to pick up the next load, making these one of the more efficient gantry cranes ever produced. One problem that many people have is prolonging the life of a rail mounted gantry crane. It is because of how much work they actually do that they have a tendency to break down quickly. Here are a few tips on how to prolong the service life of any rail mounted gantry crane that you have at your facility, helping you to save tens of thousands of dollars over the next several years.

The service life the simply refers to how many times you will be able to service your gantry crane until it needs to be replaced. The many mechanisms associated with this particular gantry crane make it more susceptible to multiple types of damage. It is the constant movement of containers that can weigh as much as 50 tons, and what can usually amount to fast starts and stops, that can really where the entire system down. It also depends on the span of the unit which is typically 35 m, and also the lifting speed and crane speed which can cause problems because of fast wear and tear. If you are able to minimize the amount of weight that it is lifting, and the speed at which the containers are moved, it is possible to prolong the service life as long as possible. However, if you are in a situation where speed is absolutely essential, you are simply going to have ongoing repairs that will be necessary because of how much work will be done with this particular unit.

RMG Cranes are going to be used on ports and rail yards, a common site that you will see going down to industrial docks. They are built to last, but if they are overused, they can break down extremely fast. Using these simple tips for prolonging the life of your rail mounted gantry crane, you could save yourself thousands of dollars by slowing things down just a little bit. Although you have no control over how much weight must be lifted, if you do need to get another one, you might consider increasing the lifting capacity, and also improving upon the steel frame, so that it will last a much longer time.

How rail mounted gantry cranes work

If you are the owner of a port or railyard, you know how much work these gantry cranes must do. These cranes, also called RMG cranes, consist of many different components. This will include the hoisting mechanism, the spreader anti-shaking mechanism, and the minimum slowing mechanism as well. They will have a trolley with a traverse mechanism, and a container spreader, and safety equipment to protect everyone down below. These are actually enormous gantry cranes, and to reduce the amount of external resistance, they are sometimes created with a truss structure. This will minimize the impact on this box shaped steel structure, but it can cost more initially when they are built in this way.

Ellsen best rail crane for sale

1. Durable material, long use life, wide application
2. Reliable quality, perfect performance
3. Security device, low failure rate
4. Reasonable design, simple structure
5. Easy to operate, simple to maintain, fast to install
6. Advanced technology, professional supplier, low price
7. High working efficiency, labor cost saving
8. Stable travelling, smooth starting, quick stopping

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