Low Price Industrial Heavy Steel Rail Crane For Sale

Low price industrial heavy steel rail crane is a kind of large lifting equipment. It has many advantages, such as factory price, strong adaptation, strong lifting capacity, flexible move and high efficiency. The crane can be used with electric hoists and types of crane hooks, such as electric chain hoist, wire rope hoist, grab and electromagnetic chuck. The trolley travelling system can move on the rail horizontally, the lifting mechanism can up and down vertically. The crane travelling system can move back and forth on the ground rail. This can expand operation area and increase efficiency. AIMIX, a reliable crane manufacturer in China, supplies different gantry cranes with top performance and reasonable price, such as high-quality semi electric shop crane, MH model electric hoist gantry crane, best gantry crane for sale, high capacity cranes, best doube girder gantry cranes, lightweight gantry crane. Purchase suitable crane from us!

Low Price Industrial Heavy Steel Rail Crane For Sale
Lifting Capacity: 5-50t
Span: 18-35m
Lifting Height: 6-18m
Lifting Speed: 5.9-11.2m/mim
Travelling Speed: 39-48m/min
Working Class: A4,A5

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Pay attention to crane derailment

Derailment is a usual obstacle for industrial heavy steel rail crane. Compared with other obstacle reasons, it is difficult to eliminate derailment reasons, because many factors can cause derailment. To eliminate the reasons timely, it needs professional after-sale maintenance staff or technical staff diagnose on-site. The followings are main factors for derailment.

The damage of derailment:
First, the crane operator and works get hurt.
Second, the material is damaged.
Third, the crane parts brake down.

The reasons of derailment
First, after the crane stop working, the anchor is not firm, sudden strong windy weather can lead derailment.

Second, rail clamping device of two driving-wheel is not completely locked or braking plate of rail clamping device doesn’t work.

Third, hard material is across on the rail, and the crane wheel moves on the hard material, the center of gravity shifts.

Fourth, electric motor of one side driving-wheel stops work suddenly, the crane is off the track.

Fifth, the rail deforms or the ground collapses, the crane tilts and causes derailment.

Industrial heavy steel rail crane for sale

1. Professional crane supplier, high reputation
2. Reasonable design, strict producing standard
3. Complete safety device, safe operation
4. Strong lifting capacity, high efficiency
5. Flexible move, fast installation

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