Lightweight Gantry Crane For Sale

Lightweight gantry crane is a kind of small gantry crane. It has portable weight, tiny size and compact structure. This makes it easy to carry from one place to another place. Lightweight crane is simple to install, safe to operate and fast to install. Such a cost-effective crane is first choice for frequent and light lifting work! AIMIX Group, a professional crane supplier, provides types of gantry cranes, such as heavy duty crane, industrial crane, garage lifting crane etc. Buy our crane for reliable quality and ideal price!

Lightweight Gantry Crane For Sale
Lightweight Gantry Crane For Sale
Lifting height: 5m-30m
lifting weight: 0.5t-20t
Span: 3m-65m
Working temperature: -20℃-+40℃
Working Class: A3-A5
Lifting speed: 8m/min; 0.8m/min
Travelling speed: 20m/min; 30m/min

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How to maintain the crane’s electric hoist?

Electric hoist is an important travelling mechanism of lightweight gantry crane. The hoist quality determines the crane’s service life! When purchasing lifting device, choose electrical hoist with high quality, perfect after-sale service. Daily check work and maintenance is also essential for lifting hoist. Pay attention to the following six tips.

First, keep electric hoist in clean, dry and ventilated place

Second, after using the hoist, clean it totally first then put it in pointed place.

Third, make regular lubrication for electric hoist, and make sure the lubricating points on the hoist are in good condition.

Fourth, mostly electric hoist has metal material, it is easy to become rust corrosion. Thus it is necessary to protect hoist from rust corrosion, for example, daubing anti-corrosive oil.

Fifth, the lifting hoist that doesn’t use for long should start working regularly, this can avoid that the components become jammed, condensate.

Many circuit device on the electric hoist is made of rubber material, thus electric hoist shouldn’t expose in strong light for long time.

Installation tips of general gantry crane

To make the worker install the crane convenient, the following tools are necessary.

First, wielding, cutting, electric welding machine. They are mainly used for positioned welding work of gantry crane legs.

Second, fitter tools. They are applied for crane travelling parts’ assembly, fasten, debug, and repair.

Third, electric tools. They are used for crane parts’ installation and adjustment, and check work of connecting condition.

Fourth is measuring tool, such as levelling instrument, it is used for measuring and proofreading gantry crane wheel parallelism, the levelness of the crane plane, crane’s center alignment, the whole machine verticality.

Fifth is hoist. It is used for lifting gantry crane legs, main girder, trolley and other parts.

Lightweight gantry crane for sale

1.Portable weight, easy operation
2.Small size, fast speed
3.Compact structure, simple installation
4. Durable material, top quality
5. Various types, customized service

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