Light Duty Gantry Crane For Sale

Light duty gantry crane is a good choice for lifting and transporting material from one place to another place. It has small size, portable weight, very easy and convenient to use. It can improve efficiency and reduce labor resource and energy. AIMIX Group, a professional gantry crane supplier, provides types of cost-effective crane. Get great deal for light duty gantry crane from our company!

Pay attention to crane during running-in period

According to common standards, general gantry crane has running-in period for 60 hours. Running-in period is very important, it can ensure the crane good condition, reduce failure rate, and prolong its service life. Some users lack common sense of crane use or have tight schedules, or want to get benefits fast, they ignore the special technic requirement during running-in period. Some users even use the crane overload for long time. This leads the frequent problems, which influences the normal use of crane, cut the service-term. Once the crane is damaged, it influence the engineering process. Pay attention to the crane’s use and maintenance during running-in period.

Light Duty Gantry Crane For Sale
Light Duty Gantry Crane For Sale
Lifting Capacity: 1-20t
Span: 18-35m
Lifting Height: 6-18m
Lifting Speed: 5.9-11.2m/mim
Travelling Speed: 39-48m/min
Working Class: A4,A5

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The features of electric hoist gantry crane during running-in period

First, the crane wears away much faster. Due to parts processing, assembling and adjusting, the frictional surface is tough, matching surface contact area is small, and pressure conditions on the surface are uneven. When the crane is working, concave and convex parts on the surface mutually chimeric and frit each other. The grinding metal debris fall as grinding material, continue to join the friction, which accelerates the weariness of parts matching surface. What’s more, overload can easily lead parts’ damage and initial failure.

Second is bad lubrication. The matching gap of new assembling parts is narrow, and due to the factor of assembling, it is not easy to ensure the evenness of matching gap. It is difficult for lubricating oil to form even oil slick on the friction surface, so as to avoid the weariness. This can reduce the lubrication performance, make the crane’s early abnormal weary, seriously leads to the precise matching friction surface has scratch or bite.

Third, the parts become loose. New processing components have deviation of geometrical shape and matching size. During early use, due to the impact, vibration and other alternating load, heating, distortion, fast weariness, the parts can easily become loose.

Fourth, the leakage happens. Due to the parts’ loose, vibration, heating, the crane’s sealing surface, joints have leakage. It is difficult to find some casting and processing defect during assembling and adjusting. Due to work’s vibration, impact, these defect expose. It shows as oil and water leak.

Fifth is many operational error. The operator is not familiar with the cranes’ structure and features, especially for fresher.

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