Large Gantry Crane For Sale

Large gantry crane is kind of heavy duty crane. It has powerful loading capacity, high efficiency, safety device, strong adaptation, wide use! It is perfect choice for heavy lifting work! AIMIX Group, a professional crane supplier, provides types of top quality gantry cranes with suitable price, such as L model crane, portable gantry crane, small crane etc. Get great deal for large cranes from our company!

Large Gantry Crane For Sale
Lifting Capacity: 0.5-100t
Span Length: 2-20m
Lifting Height: 3-30m
Working Temperature: -20℃-+40℃
Working Class: A3-A5

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Various lifting tools of large gantry crane

Lifting hook is mainly used for transporting, loading, unloading, clipping, absorbing and fetching material in different fields. It can help improve efficiency. Lifting tools mainly includes hook, grab, electromagnetic disc, these lifting tools can be connected with wire rope to improve crane safety and reliable operation.

Lifting hook is the most common lifting tool, it is composed of fixed bolt, clamp, steel bolt, stainless steel spring. The wire rope vacillates during lifting or transporting, thus it can be matched with safety lock to prevent the material from leaning and sliding.

Grab gantry crane is used for grabbing bulk, stand stone, coal, waste. The following is about grab open and close. When the crane lift the material down to some degree, the grab opens gradually, after grabbing the material, close the drum and take close action, open-close drum lifts, the trolley group on the grab doesn’t move, the under trolley group moves down, the grabbing gears touches each other, the grab finishes close action, then it lifts up.

Electromagnetic disc hangs on the lifting hook, it ups and downs with the hook. It is mainly used for steel market and junkyard.

What are daily check work of large lifting cranes?

Daily check work of gantry crane can improve working efficiency, ensure safety of equipment and operator and prolong the crane’s service life. The followings are tips of daily check work:

First, keep the crane clean, the floor tidy and smooth.

Second, check every lubricating point to make sure good condition.

Third, check bolts connecting condition of electric motor, if it is loose, tighten it timely.

Fourth, check power supply condition of circuit, if the electric cable is damaged or the connection joint is loose, repair it timely.

Fifth, check whether the contact terminal of controller is suitable, the safety device and brake device are normal, old parts with serious weariness should be replaced, check the weariness condition of braking belt and rope, check the working temperature of every part, if it exceeds the standard temperature, and take measures.

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