Cheap Gantry Crane For Sale

Cheap gantry crane with good performance is very popular in lifting industry. This kind of crane is cost-effective, it has affordable crane price, good quality, wide application, various types. It takes some skills to buy top gantry cranes with suitable price. Be familiar to the crane itself and the crane supplier. AIMIX Group, a professional cranes manufacturer in China, provides kinds of cranes with factory price, such as small crane, motorized gantry crane, semi gantry crane. Purchase reliable and suitable cranes from our company!

Cheap Gantry Crane For Sale
Lifting Capacity: 0.5-10t
Span Length: 2-20m
Lifting Height: 3-30m
Working Temperature: -20℃-+40℃
Working Class: A3-A5

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Make comparison to get cheap gantry crane

Different working conditions need different types of gantry cranes. Before purchasing a crane, get clear for the conditions, make careful comparison and get suitable gantry crane. First, the gantry crane must meet the related standards. For example, the lifting capacity is less than 50 ton, the span is less than 35m, no special requirement, single girder gantry crane is better. If the supporting legs span is wide, working speed is fast, lifting capacity is large, it is suitable to buy double girder gantry crane. For gantry crane, the span is an important factor to influence its quality, thus it is wise to choose a crane with small span if the crane can meet the using requirement and span standards. During lifting work, some distance should be left between crane and goods or between crane and transporting vehicles channel, this can make lifting work convenient.

What are limiters of lifting gantry?

Double girder gantry crane must be equipped with lifting height limiter. The hook lifts up to some degree, the motor power can cut off automatically, the hook stop lifting. This can avoid serious accidents. Common limiters include pressing-cable limiter, screw type limiter, heavy hammer type limiter.

Pressing-cable limiter is very convenient, it makes the wire rope rotate on the drum through trolley groove. Small pulley set on the polished rod, with the wire rope on the drum rolls up and down, it drives the trolley move right or left on the polished rod. There are installed with travelling switch at the ends of polished rod. When the hook ups or downs to the extreme position, the trolley touches and presses the lifting limiter switch, the motor power is cut off and stop working.

Heavy hammer type limiter is a kind of travelling limiter switch with balanced hammer. When the hook lifts up to the highest point, the touching bar on the hook jacks the balanced hammer up, lever arm turns an angle, this makes the limier switch work, cut off the power, and the motor stops working.

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