AQ-BMH Model Electric Hoist Semi-Gantry Crane For Sale

AQ-BMH model electric hoist semi-gantry crane is kind of flexible lifting equipment. It can be used together with electric wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist. This can expand operation area and improve efficiency. This crane has portable weight and compact structure, thus it is easy to operate and maintain. AIMIX, a reliable crane supplier in China, provides types of cranes with top quality and reasonable price!

AQ-BMH Model Electric Hoist Semi-Gantry Crane For Sale
AQ-BMH Model Electric Hoist Semi-Gantry Crane For Sale
Lifting Capacity:1-16t
Span: 5-20m
Lifting Height: 6-18m
Lifting Speed: 3-8m/mim or 0.3/3-0.8/8m/min
Travelling Speed:20-30m/min
Working Class: A3,A4

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Pay attention to semi-gantry crane installation

Safety tips about crane installation should be strengthened.

First, gantry crane installation needs several people. The workers have professional training. Everyone has his own duty, and a manager is necessary. Listen to the manager, equipped with safety knowledge, this can avoid mistakes.

Second, during crane installation, make clear everyone’s duty, anyone can’t work freely, for example, welder does welding work, bench worker assemblies crane frame.

Third, before installing any part, have a talk and discussion first, make clear practical problems.

Fourth, the group leader check every group any time, this can avoid accidents caused by carelessness.

Fifth, increase protective guard, and equip with anti-drop net, this can protect the worker drop down from the crane.

Sixth, when assembling the electric wire, the wireman should wear safety gloves, another person should stand before main switch blade, and prevent other people start the switch.

Seventh, obey installation standards of gantry crane, not change the drawings literally.

Why choose BMH model electric hoist semi-gantry crane?

AQ-BMH type is a semi gantry crane. It has light weight, small size, flexible move, compact structure and fast speed. It is easy to install, safe to operate, simple to maintain.

AIMIX Group, a professional crane supplier, designs and produces lifting gantries according to national standard and related requirement. Our gantry cranes have strong adaptation and wide application.

How to do daily maintenance work of gantry crane?

Daily maintenance can increase efficiency, ensure safety and prolong service life. Thus maintenance is very important.
Keep the crane clean, floor tidy and channel smooth.
Check lubrication parts and ensure good condition.
Check connecting condition of bolts, if they are loose, tighten them timely.
Check whether the contact terminal of controlling device is suitable.
Check the safety protection device to make sure good condition.
Check braking device, if the weariness is serious, just change it.
Check the weary condition of braking belt and wire rope.
Check the temperature of every part, if it is over the standard, take measures to solve problem.

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