40 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale

40 ton gantry crane is one popular lifting equipment used for loading and unloading material. 40t is a large loading, this crane is one kind of heavy duty gantry crane. Most customers buy large crane to deal with heavy lifting work that labor resource is not enough, such as construction site, melting plant. With advanced technology, fast speed, gantry crane can reduce energy and time, and high improve working efficiency. With durable material, this type of crane can be used for long time. With reliable safety protection device, it has low failure rate and less maintenance. Our company provides powerful heavy duty crane with various types! Buy our crane for smooth lifting work!

Reliable 40 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale
Reliable 40 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale
Lifting Capacity: 5-200t
Span: 18-35m
Lifting Height: 6-18m
Lifting Speed: 3.5-12.5m/mim
Travelling Speed: 28-45m/min
Working Class: A5

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Application of 40 ton gantry crane

As a heavy lifting tool, 40t crane is widely used for loading and unloading material in places with high working class, such as logistics factory, construction site, warehouse, automobile factory, industrial and mining enterprise, railway engineering, mold manufacturing enterprises, machinery processing etc. Strong loading capacity makes big crane the first choice for heavy duty lifting work. Stable move, fast speed, reliable security, perfect choice for saving energy, increasing efficiency!

Advantages of 40 ton gantry crane for sale

Compared with small gantry crane, heavy duty crane has higher efficiency, larger lifting tons, more types, more stable move, and more complete safety devices.

For light duty crane, it can lift 10 ton at most, but for heavy duty crane, it can lift 20t at least, this makes them different loading capacity. Small crane mainly includes single girder gantry crane and semi gantry crane, big crane has many other types, such as motorized gantry crane, industrial gantry crane, rail mounted gantry crane, rolling gantry crane.

Large gantry crane mostly adopts wireless remote control. It can achieve operating from long distance, and can ensure operator’s safety.

Heavy duty gantry crane for sale

1. Ensured security, reliable quality
2. Durable material, long service life
3. Stable move, high efficiency
4. Low failure rate, less maintenance
5. Reasonable design, strict producing standards

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