2 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale

2 ton gantry crane is kind of light weight lifting gantry for sale. According to crane girder, 2 ton gantry mainly has two types, single girder crane and semi gantry crane. Semi gantry has fewer legs than single gantry. It can also produced as portable gantry crane. With light weight and small size, 2 ton crane can move fast and improve the working efficiency and promote working condition. With small size, it takes little area and saves the room. AIMIX Group, one of industrial crane manufacturers, supplies many various cost-effective gantry cranes for sale, such as rubber tyred gantry crane, mobile gantry crane, cantilever gantry crane, electric gantry crane and so on. With much experience, our company ranks top in crane manufacturing and cranes business! Choose our gantry crane is a perfect choice!

AQ-BMH Semi Gantry Crane With Single Girder
Lifting Capacity:1-16t
Span: 5-20m
Lifting Height: 6-18m
Lifting Speed: 3-8m/mim or 0.3/3-0.8/8m/min
Travelling Speed:20-30m/min
Working Class: A3, A4

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Wide application of 2t gantry cranes

Types of 2t cranes can be used together with electric hoists. Gantry cranes are suitable for lifting, transporting, loading and unloading work in station, port, warehouse yard, construction site, cement products field, assembly field and hydropower station, also can be used in workshop for indoor lifting duty.

Advantages of small gantry crane

For light duty and frequent lifting work, small gantry crane is better than heavy duty gantry crane. With small size and light weight, small crane is more flexible than big lifting equipment, and can move faster to improve working efficiency. What’s more, small cranes are usually cheaper than heavy duty crane. In addition, little crane has simpler structure than large crane, thus it is easier to operate and maintain. While operation, small lifting crane has less failure rate than large crane.

A lower cost to a 2 ton gantry crane

Are you looking for an alternative to purchasing a 2 ton gantry crane? Due to the low amount of weight that you will need to move, you can actually find several different options. This is only 4000 pounds that the unit needs to be able to move and this can be handled by a multitude of other devices. This could be anything from a jib crane to multiple forklifts that could be used if the merchandise can be broken down. Let’s look at some of the options that are available, but let’s first take a look at how a 2 ton gantry crane works before we determine what would be a viable replacement.

How can you get great deals on these?

There are only three good options when it comes to looking for exceptional deals on 2 ton gantry cranes and similar items. The first is getting one from a local business that is getting something new, and they are simply trying to get their old one off of their facility the second possibility is purchasing one that comes from an overseas company. This will allow you to take advantage of the low pricing that is available in certain countries that produce these all the time, and you can get a brand-new one for a reasonable price. The third option is to use an alternative to the 2 ton gantry crane which may be available from these same companies. As mentioned before, you could also use a jib crane, but it depends upon where it will be used and what type of functionality you are looking for. All of these options can help you find an exceptional deal on a lower cost alternative to a 2 ton gantry crane that can be shipped to your location soon.

2 ton gantry crane for sale

1. Small size, light weight, low noise
2. Easier to use, simple to operate, fast installation
3. Fast travelling, flexible moving, stable moving
4. High working efficiency, low failure rate
5. Top quality, low factory price, famous brand

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